What is Steps 2 Empower Her

I feel that us as women need encouragement on a daily basis. Not everyone had the hard knock life upbringing but they're other everyday issues that women like me need help getting through. The women I hope to reach: Women who are afraid to love because of past hurt (whatever that is), women are scared to live or try new things, the women who are afraid to tell anyone their inner hurt because they think they are alone, the women who want to start a new career but afraid of leaving corporate America, and I want to reach out to the women who have already started the process of starting their own company.

My goal is to bring women together and form a sisterhood of women who are building each other up instead of tearing each other down. Society wants us to hate each other because they know how powerful we are together. We are the leaders in our home (even we let our men believe they run it), we are the creators of life,we endure the most pain, but we are so resilient.

So the Steps 2 Empower Her means:

  • Taking the steps to empower you to live the life you want and dreamed of
  • Taking the step to love again or to love period
  • Taking the steps to Live not just exist

About Our Founder

Patricia Reid born Patricia Vilson was born in Miami, Florida. Her parents were both from the island of Haiti. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Patricia has always considered herself someone who enjoys helping people. When she was younger she wanted to be an attorney. She received an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies. When she entered into the workforce her career changed and so did her passion. She began getting to know herself and what truly made her happy. She felt like her place in the world was to help people, especially women. She felt that women needed the most support in today's society. She works full time as a Marketing Director, but her passion and what she believes is her calling is motivating women to be great. Patricia has arranged women social gatherings, conferences, and conference calls to let women know that they are not alone in the world. She is not afraid to use her personal stories and life challenges to help women overcome their life obstacles. Patricia believes by sharing her stories she can help other women change their life for greatness.


Speaker focused on Women Empowerment through sharing personal stories.


Social event planning include girlfriend getaways, girls night in/girls night out, bachelorette parties, and bridal showers, and more.


Our women's conference focuses on encouraging women through empowerment brunches, networking mixers, conferences and much more.


Purchase your tickets to join, become a vendor or sponsor our events and be empowered.


Please contact us about upcoming events, partnership, being a vendor, sponsorship or just cause.

Phone: 678-849-4734


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